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CTS-2010 Standard for Cheque Forms – Specifications.

CTS 2010 Standard - Free download as PDF File.pdf, Text File.txt or read online for free. CTS-2010 Standard" for Cheque Forms. If you already do not have cheque book with new features, contact your bank for getting a new cts-2010 standard cheque book before 31 Dec 2012. Even Post Dated Cheques issued which are due after 31 Dec 2012 will not be honoured and need to be replaced with new cheque leaf.

"CTS-2010 Standard" for Cheque Forms – Specifications Department of Payment & Settlement Systems, Reserve Bank of India, Central Office Page -- 3 -- of 4 2. Desirable features 2.1 In addition to the mandatory security features as above, banks can consider including. "RBI will review the deadline in June 2013. “Cheque issuing banks shall make all efforts to withdraw the non-CTS-2010 Standard cheques in circulation before the extended timeline of 31 July 2013 by creating awareness among customers through SMS alerts, letters, display boards in branches/ATMs, log-on message in internet banking. Dear ADDA Treasurers, RBI is mandating the use of new format Cheque leaves – known as CTS 2010 standard Cheques from 01-Jan-2013. UPDATE ON 19-DEC-2012: RBI has now extended the deadline to 31st March 2013 to withdraw non-CTS 2010 standard cheques in circulation. While most of the banks have confirmed that they are issuing only multi-city/payable at par CTS-2010 standard cheques at present, representations have been received from various stakeholders requesting for extension of the time beyond December 31, 2012 for withdrawal / replacement of non-CTS-2010 Standard cheques / post-dated EMI cheques with. Printers name with CTS-2010 in left side of cheque. A pantograph which shows VOID/COPY while taking photocopy of the cheque below the account number. New rupee symbol instead of bilingual format. "Please sign above" is mentioned on bottom right of the cheque; Watermark "CTS INDIA" to be visible cheque is held against any light.

03/09/2012 · It is now mandatory for banks to strictly issue standardised and enhanced new format of cheques called CTS-2010. Which will be available from 30th Sept 2012. Also already circulated cheques will be replaced within 31st December 2012. So it is necessary for all to understand how your new cheque format looks like. What is CTS 2010 Standard? As of now the banks in India are using different formats for their cheque leaves mainly for branding, identification, security features etc. CTS 2010 introduced some standards and security features such as quality of paper, watermark, filed placements, bank’s logo in invisible ink, void pantograph, etc. ensures.

All cheques issued by banks including DDs / POs issued by banks with effect from the date of this circular shall necessarily conform to CTS-2010 standard. Banks shall not charge their savings bank account customers for issuance of CTS-2010 standard cheques when they are issued for the first time. Cheque Truncation System Standard Operating Procedure for Western Grid Multi Session For Processing CTS 2010 non CTS 2010 instruments 1. Introduction I. This standard operating procedure is issued in terms of paragraph 2a of RBI circular number DPSS.CO.CHD. No. /133/04.07.05/2013-14 dated July 16, 2013. 03/09/2013 · Cheque Truncation System CTS, an online image-based clearing system for faster clearing of cheques in India. Watch the demo video to know why the new CTS system speeds up cheque clearing times for you, and how to identify a CTs compliant cheque. It is now mandatory for banks to strictly issue standardized and enhanced new format of cheques called CTS-2010. Which made available from 30th Sept 2012. Also all the current circulated cheques will be replaced within 31st March, 2013. So it is necessary for all to understand how your new cheque.

CTS 2010 Standard Cheques - ADDA BLOG.

What Exactly is Cheque Truncation? CTS or Cheque Truncation System is a process of clearing cheques through image-based verification. The electronic version of the cheque is sent for clearance with all necessary details such as MICR code, date and name of presenting bank. 31/12/2018 · CTS 2010 standard cheques Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. CTS 2010 standard cheques Blogs, Comments and Archive News on. 19/04/2013 · A: As per RBI guidelines, Non-CTS-2010 standard compliant cheques will be accepted for clearing up to July 31, 2013. Therefore, we recommend you to replace your Non-CTS-2010 cheque book with a new cheque book at the earliest.

03/12/2012 · CTS 2010 standard cheques News and Updates from The. CTS 2010 standard cheques News and Updates from The. SECTIONS. ET APPS. ET Android App ET iPhone App ET iPad App ET Wealth Android App ET Blackberry App ET Markets Android App ET Markets iPhone App ET Money Android App. Cheque Truncation System CTS or Image-based Clearing System ICS, in India, is a project of the Reserve Bank of India RBI, commenced in 2010, for faster clearing of cheques. CTS is based on a cheque truncation or online image-based cheque clearing system where cheque images and magnetic ink character recognition MICR data are captured at. / Cheque Truncation System CTS 2010 & its Benefits. Cheque Truncation System CTS 2010. The CTS project envisages a safe, secured, faster and effective system for clearing of the cheques. In the CTS the presenting bank will capture the data & images of the cheques using their Capture System which is internal to them. CTS 2010 Standard cheques will be cleared on all working days. All Chequebooks issued by the Bank after Aug 2011 are CTS 2010 compliant. If your cheque book is issued prior to August 2011, you are requested to indent for a new cheque book to avoid any inconvenience. 1.7.2 Clearing Timings for non-CTS standard instruments The clearing operation of non-CTS cheques will be governed by para 2a RBI Circular, DPSS.CO.CHD.No./133 / 04.07.05 / 2013-14 dated July 16, 2013, on Standardization and Enhancement of Security features in Cheque forms / migrating to CTS 2010 standards as.

What is CTS-2010 Standard Cheque? What are the.

The payment of existing Order Multi-city payable at par CTS-2010 standard cheques already issued to the customers will be allowed for cash payment at Home branches to the bearer of the cheques as per the endorsement of the drawer on the reverse of the cheque. 15. CTS-2010 standard cheques was extended up to July 31, 2013 subject to a review in June 2013. Banks were also advised to report the progress made towards migration to CTS-2010 on a monthly basis. 2. On a review of the position and the progress made by banks in this direction, it has been. 29/11/2012 · • Identify whether your existing Citibank Account cheque book is CTS-2010 compliant • Request for a new cheque book, if required Also, please note that RBI has advised all banks holding post-dated EMI cheques to arrange for replacement of non-CTS-2010 Standard cheques with CTS-2010 Standard cheques. 19/12/2018 · No such cheques will be accepted in CTS clearing after 31.12.2018. Please contact your Home branch for replacement with CTS-2010 standard cheques.” BENEFITS of CTS Cheques 2010 standard. Customer Service Extended cut off time for acceptance of Customer Cheques by banks Easy retrieval of information Reduced timelines for clearing. 29/01/2016 · All you need to know about "CTS-2010 Standard" for Cheques CTS-2010 Standard paper should not glow under Ultra-Violet UV light i.e., it should be UV dull. This shall ensure that the feel of cheques is uniform across banks.

'CTS-2010' standard cheques in a time bound action plan not later than September 30, 2012. 2. However, it is observed that non-CTS-2010 Standard cheque forms continue to be issued by many banks even in regions which are forming part of the northern New Delhi and southern Chennai CTS. 18/03/2013 · ‘Cheque Truncation System CTS-2010 standard’ is a set of benchmarks towards achieving standardisation of cheques issued by banks across the country. The RBI also told banks not to charge their savings bank account customers for issuance of CTS-2010 standard cheques when they were issued for the first time. 19/12/2018 · If you are still in possession of non-CTC cheque books, then it is in your own interest to get those replaced with CTS-2010 standard cheque books latest by December 31. Still using non-CTC compliant cheques for making payments and haven’t got your old cheque books replaced with the CTS-2010.

Banks / Customers should use "CTS 2010" cheques which are not only image friendly but also have more security features. Customers may request/insist their banks for cheque forms that are compliant with the "CTS 2010" standard. They should preferably use dark coloured ink while writing cheques and avoid any alterations / corrections thereon.

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