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In an era where you are whatever Google says you are, Reputation Management is of paramount importance.   Unbeknownst to many people, search engine results have the ability to make or break you.  Imagine the following scenarios:

Scenario A:  You’re planning a trip to Orlando, Florida for the first time in years.  You do a Google search for hotels within a 1 mile radius of Disney World within the price range of $200-250 per night.  Two hotels meet your exact match criteria.

Hotel 1 is $210 a night and has 5 stars.

Hotel 2 is $210 a night and has 2 stars.

Which hotel are you going to go with?

It’s a no brainer, you’re choosing the 5 star hotel.   Hotel 1 proactively protected its online reputation, whereas Hotel 2 chose to completely ignore online reputation management.  END RESULT:  Hotel 1 operates at full capacity while Hotel 2 operated at less than 40% occupancy.  Hotel 1 ended up purchasing  Hotel 2 through a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. 

FACT:  Hotel 2 was maliciously attacked online and the bad reviews were completely false.  Hotel 2 was arguably a better hotel prior to the reviews, however the steep decline in occupancy put Hotel 2 in a financial disadvantage that led to its demise.

Scenario B:  You meet the woman of your dreams.  The search is finally over!!  You’ve met “the one.”

On your first date you shared stories about each other’s lives and connected on a higher level.  Afterwards your future wife called her best friend to brag about “the most amazing man” she had ever met.  As any best friend would do, she did her due diligence by Googling you. 

Google pulls up a false and inflammatory reports that your CRAZY ex-girlfriend posted on  These reports showcase you as an abusive person that has a cocaine addiction.  Totally false!  But nevertheless this is what Google pulls up when people search your name, hence its your reputation.

The “best friend” tells your future wife “about the real you.”  Shocked and in total disbelief, your future wife decides to research further into this before confronting you.  What she finds are a litany of flagrant lies that were anonymously posted online.   These defamatory posts make you look like a monster… 

Nevertheless she gives you the benefit of doubt to address these search results.

The entire second date is spent explaining how your ex-girlfriend posted these false stories online.  You break down how profoundly a bad online reputation has affected you:  lost jobs, ostrasicism, and family shame.   You finally break-through to her and she gives you a chance….

FACT:  By having a bad online reputation this individual went through hell and back.  He had chosen not to protect his online reputation, therefore dealt with years of unnecessary headaches.  


Why Go Through All This When You Can Hire A Reputation Defender?


There’s no reason to endure the loss of revenue, relationships, and peace of mind of having a bad online reputation.  It’s time to consider hiring a reputation management company to repair your online reputation.

Online reputation management is a necessity due to social media, online news sites, blogs and anonymous complaint boards.  Since Federal Law protects complaints boards and review sites from having to remove false and libelous posts, online reputation management is a must have for every American.  Our online reputation services protect clients from negative online publicity, false reviews, and malicious bloggers. 

As a leader in reputation management, our reputation management agency provides clients with full control of their online reputations.  We give our clients full control of their online reputations.  

The benefits of a good online reputation are manifold.  To name a few:

-  Increase conversions.

-  Improve relationships.

-  Decrease refunds and chargebacks.

-  Make a great first impression. 

-  Competitive advantages in the marketplace.

-  Higher perceived value.

Online Reputation Services

We offer a number of online reputation management services.   Our most popular service is Reputation Clearing Plans.  Reputation Clearing Plans are designed to suppress negative information from the internet.

We offer the following reputation management services:

Clearing Plans:  Suppress negative online information.  In its place we will populate positive content that you want the world to see.

Brand Enhancement:  Position your brand as a leader in its vertical.  When people Google your brand, put your best foot forward with full-control of your online reputation.

Reputation Management Control:  Are you expecting an attack on your reputation?  Take a preemptive strike by gaining full control of your online reputation.

Identity Protection:  Is your personal information floating around the web?  Do you want to hide it?  Our identity protection plans will help you regain your anonymity online.

Google Autocomplete:  When people search for you name are there negative suggestions coming up?  If so our autocomplete plans will change those suggestions.  Google Autocomplete plans allow you to alter the suggestions Google makes when people search for you online.

Review Suppression: Are negative online reviews from sites such as Yelp affecting your reputation?  If so then try our reputation management service that suppresses negative reviews.  We create website that you control.  These review sites will outrank the negative review sites, giving you control over moderation.

Media Blitz Plans:  Do you want to get your name out in the media?  Or are you expecting negative publicity?   Media Blitz plans will catapult you into the media limelight in a POSITIVE manner.  Enjoy new found fame and freedom with our Media Blitz Plans.


Reputation Management FAQs

As in any nascent industry, Reputation Management is fraught with misconceptions.  Below are several facts about Reputation Management that are important to note:

FACT 1:  Reputation Management is the practice of controlling the online reputations for people and businesses.  This includes controlling search results, monitoring the internet for mentions of your brand, and policing the use of your brands name throughout the entire internet.

FACT 2:  Unless you have a direct relationship with a website owner or have an enforceable court order, there is no way to remove information from the internet.

FACT 3:  Controlling the entire first page of search results for a keyword is a considerable effort.   Beware of anyone who provides reputation management services for a nominal fee.

Make sure you Google their company name and the exact match domain name.  Look for negatives.

Also take a look at the Google suggestions.  True Reputation Management Professionals know how to alter Google Suggestions.


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