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What Is SEO And How Does It Relate To ORM?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in organic search results. Companies vie for the opportunity to rank on page 1 in search engine results for certain “commercial-intent keywords.”  Commercial-intent keywords are terms that people search for that are proven to cause a conversion – whether it’s a sale or a new lead generated.

While SEO is an essential strategy for online marketers and advertising specialists, the method carries quite a bit of weight in online reputation management, too. The goal of SEO is the same between online marketing and reputation management firms (i.e. to improve the search rankings of specific websites).

However, there a stark difference that distinguishes reputation management seo as a greater challenge than typical online advertising seo:

Online reputation management focuses on covering an entire first page of search results (11 results total) whereas SEO used in marketing is often used to gain rank for 1 result under a search - usually the top result.  Maintaining a client’s reputation is a formidable undertaking that requires a considerable effort.

Just like conventional SEO, the more competitive the search term the more money / work it will take to rank.   And when it comes to online reputation management, the goal is to rank for the entire first page.

i.e. One of our clients,, who has provided us with authorization to share their story, was receiving negative listings online.  Since the keyword ”” is not a competitive term in search engines, it took us less than 3 weeks to blanket the entire first page of Google for the term “”  Go ahead and Google it to see our results.

On the other hand, one of our clients who owns a Inc. 500 Skin Care Company, receives thousands of searches every day.  In order to blanket the first page of the search engines for their brands, the approach was much more aggressive – the cost was 6x higher – and it took 4 months of non-stop work.

As you see, the work, money, time, and method will vary from situation to situation.   Reputation Management is simply a form of SEO geared to controlling entire pages of results.  Is it as challenging as ranking for a cometitive keyword such as “viagra?”  The answer is no, unless the keyword your targeting is “Viagra” :)